"Because it will eat strategy for lunch any day of the week"
The Culture Coaches works with your organization to create new cultures, redefine existing cultures or make important changes to impact the current one you have. We define culture in five impactful ways: Values, Structure, Relationships, Communication and Legacy. Our consulting programs address all five of these culture keys or a particular one that might need to be addressed or tuned up. All our work is customized and tailored to fit the needs of your organization or team.


"Plan your work and work your plan"
Strategic planning helps ensure that all your leaders, departments, and employees know what end result you are working toward. The Culture Coaches will design, facilitate, and provide the right tools and materials to allow for your strategic planning process to go smoothly and effectively. Strategic planning allows for new insights on old problems, a cross section of views and ideas, buy-in around goals and strategy, and alignment around decisions and resources to meet the dreams and goals of any organization.

Leadership Development

"Leaders aren't born. They're made."
We cannot influence others without first connecting with others. Leadership development allows for that connection to happen first with ourselves and then with others. Only then, can great things happen. Developing your managers and leaders is what will contribute to their long term effectiveness and the long term success of your culture and company. Leadership is a bout influencing others in pursuit of meaningful goals. Soft skills mixed wit h technical skills and IQ are t he essential ingredients for leadership and organizational success. More than ever, organizations need visionaries; individuals who are willing and able to step up, lead and make a difference.


"Give birth to the best within you."
Soft skills move hard results. Whether it's better time management, creativity, relationship skills, life balance or learning to make decisions under pressure we have a menu chock full of topics and training that will take you or any of your executives to the next level of success and performance or help a derailed one get back on track.


"Trust is the foundation of all teams."
When teams trust each other the speed of business increases. Teamwork is essential in any organization and yet most teams donʼt reach the results t hey are looking for or the potential they can reach through strong teamwork. If you are not proactively training and building your teams then there you are missing on opportunities for your organization to succeed. Lack of teamwork will also drain leaders of precious time and energy when teams aren't working well together or have too much unhealthy conflict.


"Our words are golden."
Communication is increasingly becoming one of the highest priorities in many organizations. It's a soft skill that many times keeps relationships from flourishing or keeps meetings and conversation from being productive and efficient. Most conflict, missed deadlines and setbacks in organizations are due to lack of or poor communication. Whether it's how to use email, share thoughts eloquently, run an effective meeting, give a great presentation, provide performance feedback, listening to ideas and opinions or creating disciplined dialogue, The Culture Coaches can help you make communication a hallmark of your success.

Emotional Intelligence

"What business does has not kept up with what science knows,"
Balanced emotions are contagious. Emotional Intelligence is a professional and personal skill-set using the self and social awareness of emotions and understanding their impact on those around us. It’s the ability to manage the negative emotions of ourselves and others while motivating positive and effective emotions needed for performance. EI is rooted in the neuroscience of how our brain interacts with outside influences and with our neo cortex, otherwise known as the thinking brain. We are master certified and accredited trainers and coaches who deliver effective and impactful speeches, workshops, individual coaching in this arena.