Be The Mentor You Wish You Had

It was an honor to be one of 45 mentors at American City Business Journals national Mentoring Monday last week for The Phoenix Business Journal.

What made the day special is that at the exact same morning across the country in nearly 50 different cities, thousands of women were being “speed mentored” at the same time by the likes of business women as myself. It’s an incredible day and it reminded me of the power of mentorship. My hope is that you are inspired to seek out mentoring for yourself or provide more of it in your organization whether you are young or old, man or woman, boss or intern.

Mentoring goes all the way back to Greek Mythology. The Goddess Athena disguised herself as the God Mentor, who was the son of Odysseus, to give advice, encouragement and practical plans to a young boy, Telemachus, who was staying in her home and needed help dealing with personal dilemmas.

The word “mentor” has been adopted in English as a term meaning someone who imparts wisdom and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague.

The foundation of mentoring is great advice from anyone that will help you succeed and work through challenges.

Mentoring is no longer a warm and fuzzy term. It’s a valid strategy for developing individuals while saving the organization time and dollars.

Here are five important reasons to create mentorship opportunities in your organization, become someone’s mentor or mentee.

  1. Accelerates transfer of knowledge
  2. Builds trust and teamwork
  3. Creates succession planning and opportunities
  4. Captures tribal wisdom and knowledge of long term employees and leaders
  5. Attracts and retains top talent

Why become someone’s mentor? You can leave a lasting legacy, you will support your industry and profession, you can expose yourself to diverse ideas, people and generations, and you can impart your wisdom to others.

Why find a mentor? You can learn to work smarter, not harder, create a strong support system, have access to powerful resources, increase self-awareness, become more coachable and gain a confidant and someone who will really listen to you.

As a coach and mentor I’ve done my best to give good advice based on my lessons and experience over the years. Click here if you’d like to download a copy of Joelle’s Mentor Advice: “10 Ways to Ramp Up Success.”


  • 23 Apr, 2017
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